The Governing Body at Crown Hills Community College was reconstituted in 2014.
If you are interested in becoming a Governor, then please read the section entitled Information for Prospective Governors. You will find a link at the bottom of this page
There are vacancies for 2 Governors.

Crown Hills Community College Governors

  Name Appointed Term of Office End
Parent Governor Kulsum Kasmani 02.12.2015 02.12.2019
Parent Governor Mr. Zubair Sidat 02.12.2015 02.12.2019
Authority Governor Mrs. Helen Dhillon 31.01.2016 31.01.2020
Head Teacher Mr. Farhan Adam (Principal) Ex Officio  
Staff Governor Ms. Mary Pantling 23.01.2013 23.01.2017
Co-opted Governor Mr. Dean Barnett 25.02.2014 25.02.2018
Co-opted Governor Mr. Iqbal Ismail (Chair) 25.02.2014 25.02.2018
Co-opted Governor Mrs. Isobel Pearce 25.02.2014 25.02.2018
Co-opted Governor Mr. Christopher Pollock 25.02.2014 25.02.2018
Co-opted Governor Ms. Francis Rippin 23.02.2015 23.02.2019
Co-opted Governor Mr. Colin Towell (Vice Chair) 25.02.2014 25.02.2018
Co-opted Governor Mr. Isa Bilal 11.10.2016 11.10.2020
Clerk to the Governors Mr. Derek Ogden    

The full Governing Body meets 4 times a year with half-termly meetings of the Finance, Achievement, Personal Development – Behaviour and Welfare and Leadership and Management Committees. Membership of these committees is as follows:

Leadership and Management:

Chair – Mr Ismail

Mr. Towell

Mrs. Green


Chair – Mr Towell

Mr. Ismail

Mr. Sidat

Mrs. Pearce

Mr. Barnett

Mrs. Green


Mrs. Morris

Mrs. Kasmani

Mrs. Dhillon

Mrs. Green

Personal Development – Behaviour and Welfare

Chair – Mr. Pollock

Mrs. Pantling

Mr. Barnett

Mrs. Green

Mrs. Rippin

Invited Attendance (Non Voting) – Union Representation

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The purpose of these committees is to review the work of the college against the Improvement Plan and to hold the Principal and Senior Leaders to account for the work that we do.

Full minutes of these meetings are taken. They are passed to and discussed at the Full Governors’ meetings.

In addition to attending committee meetings, Governors are linked to different faculties or to a particular area of responsibility.

Governors receive self-evaluation documentation and the improvement plan for their linked area and are encouraged to carry out a focused visit once a year.

Thus far this year, Governors have visited: English, Science, Life Skills, Technology, History, SEN/EAL and Safeguarding.

They have observed some lessons, looked at marking and extended writing in books, held discussions with the Heads of Faculty and Senior Leaders, discussed the SEN Code of Practice, how the new Teaching Assistant structure meets the needs of our students and how we ensure that we safeguard our students.

Governors can be contacted through the college.

If you are interested in being a Governor at Crown Hills Community college or if you would like to know more, please click here for further information

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