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“The school was opened in 1950 to serve a growing residential area bounded on the north by the Uppingham Road, on the south and east by the city boundary and on the west by an irregular line including East Park Road and the western end of Evington Lane. It was built when accommodation was generous, to hold some 480 pupils. On the other hand planning has been complicated by the fact that the first intake included three times as many girls as boys.”

(Report by H.M. Inspectors 23rd, 24th and 25th June 1953)

Above is a quote from the first inspection report in 1953. As the college has been open for nearly seventy years and, having served such a diverse community in that time, it was important to preserve the history and feel for what the college was.

There are interesting articles to read here and, if you are a former student, you may well be able to find yourself in one of the photos!