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Student voice and the Whole School Council

At Crown Hills we follow recognised good practice to draw fully on learners’ views about the teaching, learning and assessment that they receive to inform self-assessment and improvement actions. We also encourage learners to give their views upon the systems and procedures of the college.

Learners’ views permeate every aspect of the college’s day-to-day activity. From the start of each academic year, leaders and managers ensure that every learner understands that they should not accept poor teaching, learning and assessment at any time. A range of well-established initiatives, promotions and processes, often learner-led, enable learners to contribute to improving teaching, learning and assessment throughout the year. Learners know how to raise any concerns they may have with the standard of teaching, learning and assessment and feel confident that any concerns identified will swiftly lead to improvement.

The good practice in detail

  • Many learners are involved in carrying out student voice interviews about their learning through our quality assurance process
  • At the start of the academic year leaders will emphasise to learners the importance of their right to expect good or better teaching, learning and assessment in every lesson through the rights and responsibilities charter, found in the student organiser
  • It is an established protocol to use a cross-section of students in the staff recruitment process
  • All years have the opportunity to air their views each week through their relevant wholly inclusive, council consisting of committed reps from each tutor group
  • The whole school council meets fortnightly and is constituted from each year group
  • The whole school council meets with the senior team each half term as a means to share their aspirations
  • Successful outcomes for each senior team meeting are communicated to the student body via year assemblies